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Protection of Confidentiality and Treatment of the Purchaser’s Data

The Supplier protects the privacy of his customers and guarantees that their data is treated in conformity with the provisions of the Privacy Act (Legislative Decree n. 196, dated 30 June 2003).

In relation to the procedures of treatment, the personal and fiscal data acquired directly and/or through third parties by the Supplier Ottaviano Srl, owner of the treatment, are collected and treated in hard copy, digital and telecom-data transmission form, for the purpose of registering the order and implementing the procedures for the performance of this contract and the relative communications necessary, as well as the fulfilment of any legal obligations, and to permit effective management of the commercial relationship, to the extent necessary to provide the service requested, in the best possible manner (Article 24, para. 1 b), Legislative Decree n. 196/2003).

The Supplier is required to treat the data and information transmitted by the Purchaser in a confidential manner and neither to reveal such information to unauthorised persons, to use it for purposes other than those for which it was gathered, nor to transmit it to third parties. This data may be exhibited only upon request by judicial authorities or other authorities authorised by law.

The personal data of the Purchaser will be communicated, following signature of a promise of confidentiality of the data, only to parties delegated for performance of the processing necessary to fulfil the contract stipulated and will be communicated exclusively within the ambit of these purposes.

The Purchaser has the rights indicated in Article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, namely, the right to obtain: a) the updating, correction or, if interested, integration of the information; b) cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or blockage of data processed in violation of the law, including data that it is not necessary to conserve in relation to the purposes for which the information was collected or successively processed; c) certification that the persons to whom the information was communicated or disseminated have been advised of the operations relative to a) and b) above, unless fulfilment of this clause is proven to be impossible or would involve the employment of manifestly disproportionate means with respect to the right being protected. The interested party has the right to oppose, entirely or in part: i) for legitimate reasons, treatment of his or her personal information, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection; ii) treatment of his or her personal information for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for the purpose of conducting market research or commercial communications.

The Purchaser’s communication of his or her personal data is a necessary condition for the correct and timely performance of this contract. Failure to provide the information will prevent the Purchaser’s request from being processed.

In any case, the data acquired will be conserved only for a sufficient period of time to perform the purposes for which they were collected or successively treated. Removal of the data will take place in a secure manner, in any case.

The owner of the collection and treatment of the personal data is the Supplier, to whom the Purchaser may apply, at the company’s registered address, for any request.

Any requests received at the address (or e-mail address) of the Centre (requests, suggestions, ideas, information, materials, etc.) will not be considered information or data of a confidential nature; nevertheless, it must not violate others’ rights and must contain valid information, which does not damage others’ rights and which is true. In any case, the Centre cannot be held responsible in any way for the contents of the messages.

Filing of Contracts

In accordance with Article 12 of Legislative Decree n. 70/2003, the Supplier hereby informs the Purchaser that all orders sent will be conserved in hard copy and digital form, in the server archives and in the files at the registered office of the Supplier, according to criteria of confidentiality and security.